Wednesday: (V) Mac + Broccoli Cheese with Butternut (adults/kids)

Wednesday: (V) Mac + Broccoli Cheese with Butternut (adults/kids)

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Available as a portion for adults or for as a Mini Meal for little ones.

Homemade cheese sauce with macaroni and bitesize broccoli florets.

Adults portions come with roasted butternut squash and fresh thyme. Topped with mozzarella.

NEW: now with added crumb for a golden, crisp topping to finish!

Allergens: milk, wheat, celery.

suitable for freezing



- Calories: 535

Semi- skimmed milk (34.6%), Broccoli (16.8%), butternut squash (16.8%), macaroni pasta (16.8%) [Durum Wheat Semolina.], Cheddar Cheese (6.7%) (Milk), Mozzarella (3.4%) (Milk), Butter (2%) (Milk), panko breadcrumb (1.1%) [Wheat Flour, Yeast, Salt], Rice flour (1.1%), Thyme (0.67%)