The best gift idea for new parents in Central London

It's an exciting and scary time, becoming parents!

Juggling nighttime feeds, new routines and trying to get some sleep yourself it's safe to say that all new parents could use a helping hand during those first few weeks in the newborn bubble.

Time and time again, one of the most common gifts most parents say that they were grateful to receive during this time were gifts of food.

Whether you live locally and you're able to take some home-cooked food over, or you live further away and want to send a gift package - having one less thing to worry about at mealtimes takes a huge weight off the shoulders of any new parent.

Having a healthy and nourishing meal to hand that can be ready to eat in minutes is such a relief when time is scarce and you're running on a few hours of sleep.

You can order healthy ready to reheat meals from personal chefs in Central London, to be delivered to New Parents in a convenient three hour window.

Leave a comment for the kitchen if there's any dietary restrictions, otherwise the team at By Chef Jen will select the most popular meals to be delivered - many of which can be frozen for a later date if required. 

Send a gift they'll really thank you for, and help take care of New Parents during those busy weeks of bonding.