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From my kitchen, to yours. A brand new menu every week - place your order and receive freshly prepared, healthy meals straight to your home each week. Made to order, prepared with care and love - and delivered on the same day.

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Give the gift of good food. Choose from a selection of gift packages for a variety of special occasions, with a personal hand-written card included.

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A selection of my favourite, healthy recipes for you to try in your own kitchen.

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What my customers say

It is not an exaggeration to say that Chef Jen has changed our lives! Between having very busy jobs and being parents my husband and I had no time for our health. Now we have healthy meals for the week plus extra time to spend with each other.

Kristen, Maida Vale

Chef Jen is a Godsend - she prepares my son and I nutritious, delicious meals that free up time so that you can relax and spend it with your family.

Michelle, Little Venice

Working with Chef Jen has been incredible. She has completely taken the stress out of planning and prepares meals that everyone in our family of five really enjoys! She can do it all - and very well!

Amy, St John's Wood

After overdosing on Deliveroo, finding Chef Jen 6 months ago has meant that we can have more choice than ever, and her food is so much healthier too.

Stephanie, Chiswick

I'm always excited to come home to the meals.
Delicious and thoughtful everytime.
I've lost weight and saved time. Really helpful service - couldn't ask for more.

Gordon, Notting Hill

Chef Jen is the best! Finding her service has made our life so much easier and healthy! She delivers with perfection, I could not ask for more. Already recommended her to different people and everyone is super satisfied !

Cristal, West Hampstead