About Chef Jen

Making healthy eating easy, for even the busiest of people.

Working as a professional Chef since 2013, Jen has been focused specifically on healthy eating and nutrition for over a decade.

From fine dining restaurants to meal prep, working for the world's leading personal trainers to supporting personal chef clients of her own - Jen's mission has always been to help people to eat better.

Moving to London in 2019, Jen has since been determined to help even the busiest people in the country to eat well.

Jen started out by running a Soup Kitchen for her first few months in the capital, whilst working hard to build a network of clients as a personal chef.

Jen loved cooking for clients who juggled high pressure careers, families (and their health) knowing what a difference her food was making.

"It is not an exaggeration to say that Chef Jen has changed our lives! Between having very busy jobs and being parents my husband and I had no time for our health. Now we have healthy meals for the week plus extra time to spend with each other." Kristen, Maida Vale.

It quickly became apparent to Jen just how many people were struggling to find the time to prepare a healthy meal from scratch, with many people relying on takeaways simply for convenience.

Just as Jen's personal chef business was beginning to take off, the country faced lockdown. Within a week, she turned her entire business model into a healthy delivery service, from one central kitchen and By Chef Jen was born.

Today, Jen and her growing team of professional chefs cook and deliver a wide variety of healthy dishes every single week to clients all across Central London.

Offering a selection of ready to reheat healthy meals on the weekly A La Carte menu, alongside taking care of personal chef clients with Bespoke nutritional goals.

From actors to athletes, models to CEO's - Jen and her team work closely with clients to curate the perfect menus to support their lifestyle. 

Over the last 10 years, Jen has truly been dedicated to inspiring people to enjoy a healthier diet with her delicious recipes wherever she has gone.

You can read her full story here, from the beautiful Cornish coast, to a global personal training brand - and a spell on BBC...