Who needs a personal meal prep chef?

Working with a personal chef to prepare all of your meals is a luxury that most people would enjoy! Not only is it a huge time saver, but utilising the expertise of a professional means tastier meals every time. 

At By Chef Jen, we're specialists in healthy eating and so all of our Chef's are trained to curate recipes with full macros and calorie counts, where required.


The best part about being a personal chef, is getting to work with more people on a bespoke level. Everybody is different, and we work with a very wide array of clients who utilise our services for various reasons.

For some of our clients, it's all about saving time and having a healthier and more reliable alternative to regular Deliveroo orders. These people tend to have extremely busy professional careers, making a lot of important decisions throughout the day and with little time to think about cooking by the time the get home.

For other clients, it's about a specific dietary requirements. Whether that's meal planning to manage conditions such as diabetes, general weight management, improving fertility or simply working to avoid food intolerances. 

Most often though, it's about goals.

We love to work with actors who need to lose or gain weight for specific roles. With clients who are getting married, or have recently had a baby and would like to really prioritise their nutrition for a set period of time. 

For some clients, we will also partner with their Personal Trainers to help them with full body transformations.

When clients join us with a goal in mind and we help them to achieve it, we often continue to support them for years. Whilst life changes fast and often, having the support of a professional when it comes to your diet and nutrition is such a great tool to ensure you can feel your best 24/7.

If you or your client are interested in working with our team of personal chefs in Central London to take care of your meal planning, you can enquire here.