Free School Meals: Write to your MP

Following the recent news regarding the awful provisions for Free School Meals this week (12/01/21) I have written the following letter to my MP (Karen Buck). You are welcome to use this as a template to write to your own MP, if you are unsure what to state.

You can also donate to my Kids Meals campaign for North Paddington Youth Club here.

Together, we can make a difference.

Chef Jen

Dear _____


I am writing to you to express my disappointment at the Free School Meals that I have seen circulating across the news and social media channels today.


This is a matter that needs immediate attention, and as my representative I am calling on you to raise this within Parliament, to ensure that the standards are raised.


The provisions that are currently being handed out are appallingly meagre, and to my knowledge have been packed outside of the European Food Information to Consumers (FIC) regulations; being as there are no ingredients listed, no allergens stated, nor a use by date present on many items within the parcels.


I do not support the use of tax-payers money, in the delivery of such insulting subsidiaries, and expect the current suppliers of these meals to be held accountable. At the very least, I expect them to be penalised for the offensive attempt at fulfilment of their contract.


I am also very upset with the care that is clearly lacking in the preparation of these parcels, and can only imagine how it must feel to have been a recipient of one of these parcels this week.


We are facing extremely difficult times, and if the country is to survive such a crisis we must pull together and look after every single member of society to the best of our abilities. This week, some of our most vulnerable citizens have been severely let down - and as my MP, I will be holding you accountable on this matter.


I look forward to your response to this situation at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards.