outsource the cooking

If you care about eating high quality, nutritious food but lack the time or energy to prepare fresh and tasty meals from scratch then it’s time to get resourceful.
Busy lifestyles require consistent energy levels throughout the day and yet oftentimes its grab and go snacks on the menu rather than balanced meals when time is short.
Ordering a Deliveroo when you’re in a hurry and haven’t even had chance to spare a thought for what you’ll eat next, isn’t just a financial expense but a poor investment in your health too, and yet that’s the story Chef Jen heard time and time again whilst working as a Personal Chef across Central London.
The reality is that many of us want to make healthier choices, but when life gets in the way we are often pushed to choose convenience. 
Prioritising your nutrition isn’t easy by yourself - not everyone has time to meal prep every week, or even know how to cook a variety of food you actually want to eat.
This is where Chef Jen and her team of experts are here to support you.
Outsourcing your cooking requirements for the week is as simple as placing an order from our ever changing menu - designed to be nutritionally balanced and absolutely delicious.
We’re passionate about variety - so if you’re tired of the eating the same meals you can trust us to come up with new and exciting dishes from all around the world every week. Dinner isn’t just a box to tick, it should be something to look forward to!
We deliver our meals on the same day that they're cooked, twice per week.
If your plans change almost all of our meals can be frozen to enjoy later so you never have to waste food.
Each meal can be reheated simply and quickly, so you can enjoy a healthy meal in minutes no matter your schedule. 
Putting quality and care at the top of my values is what sets apart my service, and over the last two years I have supported hundreds of clients across the city by taking care of mealtimes so that they can focus on what they do best.
Join the smart cookies outsourcing their cooking to the professionals, and take a peek at this week's menu.